Baroque styled bridal shoot | Asylum Peckham

Photography and Art Direction by Heather for this epic Baroque styled bridal shoot styled Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique and a whole load of talented creatives including dress designers Wildon Bride and Federica Bruno Couture, Nevie Pie cakes.   Sneak peaks only..more coming out soon

Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)249Nevie Pie Cakes Boroque styled bridal shootBrighton-Photo (heathershuker)115

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Islington to Smithfield to Clerkenwell wedding | Gemma & Gareth

Clerkenwell Wedding.   London ones are the best!  From Islington and all aboard the Routmaster to the Artisian via Smithfield Market.

Smithfield market, london weddingSmithfield London weddingsmithfield wedding, london smithfield wedding, london Clerkenwell, london weddingRed Bus London weddingislington town hall wedddingislington town hall weddingclerkenwell wedding

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Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding | London | Faye & Dan

Early spring wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London with lots of rain and a pretty umbrella with the perfect London backdrop.

_MG_0252_MG_1169_MG_1179Chelsea Wedding London_MG_0287_MG_0290_MG_0306_MG_0006Albert bridge wedding Chelsea_MG_0317Chelsea town hall weddingChelsea wedding

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2013 Year in Review & Faves

A&N 253(brighton-photo)(brighton-photo) H&C49(brighton-photo) H&C605(brighton-photo) H&C515(brighton-photo) H&C171(brighton-photo) H&C593(brighton-photo) H&C644 Clerkenwell weddingSmithfields market wedding, London by brighton photoLondon bus wedding, clerkenwellAll images by Heather Shuker for All images by Heather Shuker for brighton-photo.comVintage inspired 1920's weddingVintage inspired weddingA&N 263(brighton-photo)-2

A&N 311(brighton-photo)

J&C Brighton-photo82

vintage inspired 1930s wedding

A&N 278(brighton-photo)

A&N(brighton-photo)-84A&N(brighton-photo)-88A&N(brighton-photo)-144F&T-166F&T (brighton-photo)379

F&T-171J&C -94

J&C -438J&C -294

K&M (brighton-photo)401K&M (brighton-photo)400K&M (brighton-photo)567

K&M (brighton-photo)588

K&M (brighton-photo)826L&G (Brighton-Photo)-372L&G (Brighton-Photo)-309

Winter weddingpreston court mannor, kent wedding L&G (brighton-Photo)466

L&G (brighton-Photo)723N&R88

West Sussex weddingBrighton photoN&R365 Bartholomew barn wedding west sussexN&R473

P&K (

Bartholomew barn weddimgBartholomew barn weddingP&K (Brighton-Photo)-27 P&K (Brighton-Photo)-140J&C Brighton-photo52_MG_0395

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Brighton Photo – Press & Editorial Review 2013

There has been some interesting debate recently about wedding blogs and their value and some strong if not rather harsh opinions.  Indeed everyone has  a lot to say in the wedding world, but perhaps they need to find better ways to say it!  Well I am of the opinion based on my knowledge and indeed facts that the wedding blogging world and photographer go hand in hand and I want to thank all the publications and blog below for helping share the love and the work around the world.  This year and I am hugely thankful for being featured on the following blogs and even the mother of all news sites the BBC!   In print, Things and Ink Magazine, Doily Days Magazine,  Perfect wedding Magazine and online with the BBC News Magazine, Festival Brides, The Huffington Post, I Want that Wedding, London Bride, Love Olio, Love Sussex Weddings, Love My Dress, Rock n Roll Bride , Roses & Lace and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

Brighton photo features



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Ophelia | Things and Ink | Art Issue

Orphelia-163Orphelia-172Orphelia-180Orphelia-148 Orphelia-139 Orphelia-125 Orphelia-67 Orphelia-35 Orphelia-33 Orphelia-20 Orphelia-19-Edit-Edit

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1920′s Jazz Age Wedding| Devon | Laura & George..coming soon

L&G (brighton-Photo)471L&G (brighton-Photo)706L&G (brighton-Photo)767

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London Wedding | Hollie & Christian

South London Wedding in St Mary Magdalen Church in Wandsworth, followed by Gin and Tonics aboard a Routmaster bus by This Bus to The Lodge above the East Dulwich Tavern.   Hollie’s wearing a Jenny Packman dress and vintage brooche by Fur Coat and No Knickers.  Christian loves his shoes and on this occasion they were by Mr Hare and his suit by Keith Watson.  Flowers by the lovely Laura Fisher at Wild Willow and hair and make up by Kate Balding.  Love a South London wedding especially when I have lots of friends there too!

Heathershuker-9 Heathershuker-10Heathershuker-8Heathershuker-14Heathershuker-12Heathershuker-13Heathershuker-11Heathershuker-16Heathershuker-3Heathershuker-5Heathershuker-4Heathershuker-21Heathershuker-25Heathershuker-23Heathershuker-26Heathershuker-28Heathershuker-29Heathershuker-31Heathershuker-43Heathershuker-33Heathershuker-34Heathershuker-35Heathershuker-38 Heathershuker-39Heathershuker-40Heathershuker-42St Mary Magdelene church, wanswirth Routmaster London bus , south london weddingHeathershuker-61Heathershuker-62Heathershuker-59Heathershuker-57Heathershuker-58Heathershuker-63 Heathershuker-65 Heathershuker-66 Heathershuker-67 Heathershuker-68East dulwich weddingHeathershuker-72 Heathershuker-73 Heathershuker-74 Heathershuker-75Heathershuker-77 Heathershuker-78Heathershuker-79Heathershuker-82Heathershuker-84Heathershuker-85Heathershuker-87Heathershuker-89 East Dulwich weddingHeathershuker-90Heathershuker-91Heathershuker-93Heathershuker-95Heathershuker-96 Heathershuker-97Heathershuker-98Heathershuker-99 Heathershuker-100Heathershuker-101 Heathershuker-102Heathershuker-103 Heathershuker-104Heathershuker-105 Heathershuker-106Heathershuker-107 Heathershuker-108Heathershuker-109Heathershuker-111 Heathershuker-112Heathershuker-113 Heathershuker-114Heathershuker-115Heathershuker-116Heathershuker-76 Heathershuker-117 Heathershuker-118

And a little note from Hollie & Christian

“Your wedding photos make me want to get married” – that’s what a friend of mine said when she saw our photos and I think that sums up what you did for us so beautifully. It also reassures me that I’m not totally biased in thinking they genuinely are the best wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Heather we cannot thank you enough for capturing the magic of our day so perfectly. You listened to everything we wanted and not only did you capture amazing shots of our family and friends, but you captured the FEELING of love, frolics and fun that our day was full of. We have photos of moments that we can look at and remember exactly how we felt, and that is something so precious. It was an absolute pleasure having you as such an important part of our day – you made the whole snapping process joyous rather than a chore – I know the boys loved posing for their shots, and you only have to look at the photos of me and my bridesmaids to see what a laugh we were having. You were a dream to work with – managed everyone so well, made them feel comfortable and relaxed and that really shines through in the photos. Not only did you capture photos but you captured memories and we can’t thank you enough for enabling us to relive our wedding day every time we look at them. I would recommend you to every bride out there – you rock. “

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Gildings Barn Wedding | 1920′s – 1930′s Inspired | Ashley & Nick

Rainy wedding Gildings Barn wedding in Newdigate, Dorking.  1920′s and 1930′s inspired old fashioned and antique inspired day with a humanist ceremony.  The wedding was on the August bank holiday and it rained and rained.  However, Heather whatever the whether there is always  a break and all weddings in the summer daylight hours can have photographs outside, even if it is after dinner.  It makes for more fun photographs too. As featured on Love My Dress .

love my dressorder of day wedding vintage wedding dress by jane bourvis1930's insipred weddingjane bourvis vintage wedding dressvintage hand mirror1920's inspired wedding vintage inspired weddingjane bourvis wedding dressjane bourvis dress for 1920's wedding1930's inspired gildings barn weddinggold wedding shoes by freedGildings Barn weddingembroidered hankies

antique doilies crochet table centresNewdigate barn wedding

1930's inspired gildings barn wedding120's spired wedding at gilding barnvintage suit by topman for wedding

gilding barn rainy weddingAntique inspired wedding at Guildings barnvintage inspired wedding suit by top man Humanist ceremony at gilding barn humanist ceremony at gildings barn humanist ceremony at gildings barn Headpiece from with love from bobbin Jane bourvis dress grooms suit by topman the home grown flower company Humanist ceremony at gilding barnhumanist ceremony at gilding barn promise box at a wedding Gold faith 1920's shoes for weddinghumanist ceremony at gilding brnhumanist ceremony at gilding barnhumanist ceremony at gilding barnhumanist ceremony at gilding barnhumanist ceremony at gilding barn humanist ceremony at gilding barn 1930s Lagonda wedding car 1930s Lagonda wedding car 1930s Lagonda wedding car 1930s Lagonda wedding car Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-76jane bourvis wedding dress vintage jane bourvis wedding dress gilding barn roses in hair with love from bobbin group shot gilding barn wedding1930's inspired gildings barn weddingrainy gildings barn weddingBelle and dessie 1930's inspired gildings barn weddingA&N 406(brighton-photo)-21930's inspired gildings barn weddingA&N 422(brighton-photo)eat cake at weddings A&N 433(brighton-photo)1930's inspired gildings barn weddingGroup shots 1930's inspired gildings barn weddinggilding barn wedding1930's inspired gildings barn weddingA&N 668(brighton-photo)doilies by belle and dessieA&N 450(brighton-photo)1930's inspired gildings barn weddingGildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-104bridesmaids gilding barn wedding Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-94 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-95 gildings barn 1930's styled weddingGildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-96 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-97 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-99A&N 714(brighton-photo)A&N 722(brighton-photo)A&N 721(brighton-photo)1930's inspired gildings barn wedding newdigate1930's inspired gildings barn wedding Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-119 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-125 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-126 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-127 Gildings-barn-wedding-photography-brighton-photo-128 1930's inspired gildings barn wedding1930's inspired gildings barn weddingvintage photo booth

Brides Dress - Jane Bourvis
Brides Veil - With Love From Bobbin
Brides Shoes - Dune  
Groom – Suit/Shoes Topman + Waistcoat Debenhams + Tie Next + Cufflinks and tie pin, both vintage
Bridesmaids - TFNC London dresses + shoes from Faith at Debenhams + Freed Shoes
Florist - The Home Grown Flower Company
Transport – Green 1930′s Lagonda via Carriages Vehicle Agency
Entertainment - Boys From Brazil
Styling -  Interestingly Different

Rings - Old Eldon Jewellery
Caterers - The Plough Pub + Northumberland Cheese
Stationery - Belle & Essie
Hair Stylist - Ruth Gartside

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Stanmer House | Brighton Wedding | Kat & Mark …coming soon

Brighton Bandstand weddingK&M (brighton-photo)3 K&M (brighton-photo)14K&M (brighton-photo)13K&M (brighton-photo)22 K&M (brighton-photo)36 K&M (brighton-photo)47 K&M (brighton-photo)48-Edit K&M (brighton-photo)54 K&M (brighton-photo)73 K&M (brighton-photo)152 K&M (brighton-photo)160 K&M (brighton-photo)167 K&M (brighton-photo)168 K&M (brighton-photo)175 K&M (brighton-photo)178 K&M (brighton-photo)183 K&M (brighton-photo)199 K&M (brighton-photo)202 K&M (brighton-photo)205 K&M (brighton-photo)210 K&M (brighton-photo)216K&M (brighton-photo)225 K&M (brighton-photo)226 K&M (brighton-photo)228 K&M (brighton-photo)234 K&M (brighton-photo)249 K&M (brighton-photo)253 K&M (brighton-photo)270 K&M (brighton-photo)273 K&M (brighton-photo)324 K&M (brighton-photo)326 K&M (brighton-photo)328 K&M (brighton-photo)330
Brighton beach weddingK&M (brighton-photo)475Stanmer House weddingK&M (brighton-photo)448K&M (brighton-photo)492 K&M (brighton-photo)510 K&M (brighton-photo)515 K&M (brighton-photo)553 K&M (brighton-photo)556K&M (brighton-photo)571 K&M (brighton-photo)583 K&M (brighton-photo)585 K&M (brighton-photo)603 K&M (brighton-photo)608 K&M (brighton-photo)621K&M (brighton-photo)747 K&M (brighton-photo)754 K&M (brighton-photo)755 K&M (brighton-photo)766 K&M (brighton-photo)816 K&M (brighton-photo)847 K&M (brighton-photo)869 K&M (brighton-photo)871 K&M (brighton-photo)876K&M (brighton-photo)879 K&M (brighton-photo)895Stanmer House wedding


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