Trinity Buoy Wharf | Emma & John …coming soon

Trinity Bouy Wharf Brighton_photo_94A0880 Brighton_photo_MG_0007Brighton_photo_MG_0075-2

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Brighton Photo on Love My Dress

Love my dress blog relaunched this week with a clean and ever so elegant new design and i see that you can find all of Brighton Photo’s weddings on one page.   With so many blogs and posts, wedding can become lost in the archives and weddings should never be lost and here are the weddings I have had featured on the lovely Love My Dress.  See more featured weddings here


brighton Photo on love my dress

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London City Wedding | Peckham to Camden to Barbican to Clerkenwell..coming soon

I have a slight obsession with clean lines and the architecture at the Barbican. Brighton-Photo (A&C) W215 urban wedding barbican centre london london wedding barbican barbican london wedding barbican london wedding barbican london city wedding city wedding at barbican london city wedding barbican couple shoot wedding

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Baroque styled bridal shoot | Asylum Peckham

Photography and Art Direction by Heather for this epic Baroque styled bridal shoot styled Erica from Mr & Mrs Unique and a whole load of talented creatives including dress designers Wildon Bride and Federica Bruno Couture, Nevie Pie cakes.   Sneak peaks only..more coming out soon

Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)249Asylum Baroque bridal shootBrighton-Photo (heathershuker)242Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)223Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)213Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)189Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)299Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)333Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)115Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)274Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)69

Brighton-Photo (heathershuker)341



Dresses: Wilden Bride & Federica Bruno
Hair: Jo from Lovehair

Flowers: The Vintage Floral Design Co.
Make Up: Zoe Cornwell Make Up Artist
Jewellery: Rosie Weisencrantz
Millinery: La Dame au Beret
Table Styling: Curious Fair
Glassware: Helene Millot Furnishings
Pink Cake: Nevie-Pie Cakes
Cupcakes: Frenchmade
Furniture: Polliander
Gold confettii by Country Vintage Floral
Photography Assisted by : Roberto Zampino & Emily Hocking

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Islington to Smithfield to Clerkenwell wedding | Gemma & Gareth

Clerkenwell Wedding.   London ones are the best!  From Islington and all aboard the Routmaster to the Artisian via Smithfield Market.

GG (BrightonPhoto)322Barbers addiscombeGG (BrightonPhoto)41GG (BrightonPhoto)5The Valet BarbersThe valet BarbersThe ValetZetter Hotel weddingWinter wedding clerkenwellZetter hotel weddingzetter wedding zetter hotel wewddingGG (BrightonPhoto)92 GG (BrightonPhoto)72G&G5Zetter hotel weddingClerkenwell wedding london busRed Bus London weddingGG (BrightonPhoto)124GG (BrightonPhoto)126G&G8G&G9GG (BrightonPhoto)148GG (BrightonPhoto)151GG (BrightonPhoto)152GG (BrightonPhoto)172GG (BrightonPhoto)163GG (BrightonPhoto)170GG (BrightonPhoto)207GG (BrightonPhoto)174GG (BrightonPhoto)198GG (BrightonPhoto)204 GG (BrightonPhoto)203 GG (BrightonPhoto)202GG (BrightonPhoto)227islington town hall weddingislington town hall alternative weddingGG (BrightonPhoto)236islington town hall weddinggroup wedding shot islington town hallGG (BrightonPhoto)280GG (BrightonPhoto)250routemaster wedding london london bus weddingG&G12london routemaster weddingroutemaster london weddingsmithfield weddingGG (BrightonPhoto)311clerkenwell london alternative weddinglondon wedding couple portrait smithfieldSmithfield market, london weddingSmithfield London weddingsmithfield wedding, london smithfield wedding, london GG (BrightonPhoto)351 GG (BrightonPhoto)403Clerkenwell, london weddingGG (BrightonPhoto)399clerkenwell wedding clerkenwell weddingclerkenwell weddingGiant illuminated letters at weddingsartisan wedding venueCD wedding favour GG (BrightonPhoto)555G&G13artisan pub london wedding artisan wedding londonartisan london wedding artisan london wedding

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Chelsea Old Town Hall Wedding | London | Faye & Dan

Early spring wedding at Chelsea Old Town Hall, Kings Road, London with lots of rain and a pretty umbrella with the perfect London backdrop.

_MG_0252_MG_1169_MG_1179Chelsea Wedding London_MG_0287_MG_0290_MG_0306_MG_0006Albert bridge wedding Chelsea_MG_0317Chelsea town hall weddingChelsea wedding

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2013 Year in Review & Faves

A&N 253(brighton-photo)(brighton-photo) H&C49(brighton-photo) H&C605(brighton-photo) H&C515(brighton-photo) H&C171(brighton-photo) H&C593(brighton-photo) H&C644 Clerkenwell weddingSmithfields market wedding, London by brighton photoLondon bus wedding, clerkenwellAll images by Heather Shuker for All images by Heather Shuker for brighton-photo.comVintage inspired 1920's weddingVintage inspired weddingA&N 263(brighton-photo)-2

A&N 311(brighton-photo)

J&C Brighton-photo82

vintage inspired 1930s wedding

A&N 278(brighton-photo)

A&N(brighton-photo)-84A&N(brighton-photo)-88A&N(brighton-photo)-144F&T-166F&T (brighton-photo)379

F&T-171J&C -94

J&C -438J&C -294

K&M (brighton-photo)401K&M (brighton-photo)400K&M (brighton-photo)567

K&M (brighton-photo)588

K&M (brighton-photo)826L&G (Brighton-Photo)-372L&G (Brighton-Photo)-309

Winter weddingpreston court mannor, kent wedding L&G (brighton-Photo)466

L&G (brighton-Photo)723N&R88

West Sussex weddingBrighton photoN&R365 Bartholomew barn wedding west sussexN&R473

P&K (

Bartholomew barn weddimgBartholomew barn weddingP&K (Brighton-Photo)-27 P&K (Brighton-Photo)-140J&C Brighton-photo52_MG_0395

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Brighton Photo – Press & Editorial Review 2013

There has been some interesting debate recently about wedding blogs and their value and some strong if not rather harsh opinions.  Indeed everyone has  a lot to say in the wedding world, but perhaps they need to find better ways to say it!  Well I am of the opinion based on my knowledge and indeed facts that the wedding blogging world and photographer go hand in hand and I want to thank all the publications and blog below for helping share the love and the work around the world.  This year and I am hugely thankful for being featured on the following blogs and even the mother of all news sites the BBC!   In print, Things and Ink Magazine, Doily Days Magazine,  Perfect wedding Magazine and online with the BBC News Magazine, Festival Brides, The Huffington Post, I Want that Wedding, London Bride, Love Olio, Love Sussex Weddings, Love My Dress, Rock n Roll Bride , Roses & Lace and Whimsical Wonderland Weddings.

Brighton photo features



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Ophelia | Things and Ink | Art Issue

Orphelia-163Orphelia-172Orphelia-180Orphelia-148 Orphelia-139 Orphelia-125 Orphelia-67 Orphelia-35 Orphelia-33 Orphelia-20 Orphelia-19-Edit-Edit

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1920′s Jazz Age Wedding| Devon | Laura & George..coming soon

L&G (brighton-Photo)471L&G (brighton-Photo)706L&G (brighton-Photo)767Love my dress jazz age wedding See the full post on Love My Dress


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